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Victor Chiew

Victor Chiew

Victor Chiew

Victor Chiew is a third year international student in chemical engineering. He was the previous Co-Lead for the UBC Chem-E-Car junior team which competed in the 2017 Regional Chem-E-Car competition and won second place in the car poster competition. He also presented on the economic viability of bio-fuels at the Clean Energy BC conference Generate in 2016 alongside Shams, Abhishek, Said and Aziz. While working on the early stages of Envision's creation in the summer, Victor helped implement a hydrogen fuel cell as the future power source for the Chem-E-Car team. As Envision's first president, he established Envision's current management structure and provides support for each venture by generating interest from companies and academia, helping connect Envision's developing technologies with their applicable markets.
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