Cosmetic Research and Innovation Team

Investigating Cosmetic Formulations

Your skin is your largest organ, so you better take care of it! UBC CRIT investigates the principles of cosmetic formulations and how they interact with the skin at the molecular level. From working with common ingredients such as Vitamin C to lesser-known ingredients such as Bakuchiol, we take a hands-on approach to learn why they are so widely researched in the cosmetic industry. Join 2 skincare-obsessed co-captains and pick up some tips on how to take care of your skin along the way! We focus on progress, not perfection


UBC Cosmetic Research and Innovation Team (UBC CRIT) is a newly formed research-based team under Envision whose main goal is to research cosmetic ingredients and understand how they interact with the skin at the molecular level. This team was formed when co-captains Stephenie and Vinh agreed that UBC needed more exposure to the cosmetic industry. We are currently aimed at researching L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and its stability under various conditions with hopes of presenting at the UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (UBC MURC). Side projects currently planned include extractions of bioactive compounds that benefit the skin, such as bakuchiol (an anti-ageing ingredient). In the near future, we hope to split into a makeup subdivision and a skincare subdivision.

Project Details

2021/2022 Recruitment

Closed for the year!

Team Members