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UBC Chem-E-Car

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Our flagship project, where it all started.

We represent UBC in the annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chem-E-Car competition where we compete with other North American and international teams.

We design, build and test a shoe-box sized car from scratch every year. The process involves building a power system (batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors etc), selecting a stopping mechanism reaction, designing the circuitry, coding microcontrollers and assembling the mechanical components and car body.



An engineering approach to good beer.

Do you enjoy beer? (Of course you do) Fermentation started in the Bronze Age and is theorized to be the main driver behind the origin of civilization!

Brewing is often treated as an art rather than a science, even though this biological process is quintessentially chemical engineering. Can you help us change that? One of our goals is to build an automated brewing system on campus that can be accurately controlled to produce a desired beer style!


Green Joule

Maximizing Potential of Microalgae.

Biofuels are fuels derived from biological sources; their renewable nature makes them a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Since the 1950s, algae has been commercially cultivated (mainly for pharmaceutical products) and recently gained attention as a potential biofuel source. However, due to the price of production, it creates a big limitation for the utilization of algae biofuels. Join us as we work to offset the production cost of algae biofuels by combining algae growth with wastewater treatment and simultaneously extracting carbohydrates and lipids to produce two different types of biofuels.


Education Initiatives

Transforming engineering education.

We are extremely passionate about technology, innovation and engineering education. UBC Envision members have been actively consulting with CHBE faculty members to design and implement projects that will improve the education and learning experience of UBC engineering students. These projects include: