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Chem-E-Car Friendly Competition Update

On Saturday, March 13th, UBC Chem-E-Car had the opportunity to participate in a friendly competition with other Canadian Universities. In light of COVID-19, McGill University, Western University, and The University of British Columbia came together to ideate, plan and execute a friendly competition.

The goal of this friendly competition was to give the participating universities the opportunity to prepare for their upcoming AIChE Regional Competitions. This would allow them to receive feedback for the posters, and to network with other university students.

The friendly competition consisted of a theoretical Chem-E-Car poster competition, a practice ChemE Jeopardy competition, and sharing of videos of one anothers team.

Four posters participated in the Chem-E-Car poster competition, which was judged by one graduate student from each university. We would like to thank our very own Athanasios Kirtharis for attending the conference as UBC’s judge, as well as Christina Boghdady and Rene Jiang from McGill and Western University.

UBC Participated with two posters, the Lightning McCHBE Car and The Jeff Car. The overall winner for the Friendly Poster Competition was our very own Lightning McCHBE car. We are very proud of all the hard work our members put into both posters!


UBC Lightning McCHBE Poster


UBC The Jeff Poster

During the ChemE Jeopardy competition, our UBC team placed 2nd overall. The team had the opportunity to practice and get used to the online format, and is ready to take on the regional ChemE Jeopardy competition!

The friendly video of the UBC Chem-E-Car will be made available to the public in the coming weeks.


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