Welcome to our recruitment page for 2019! You can find a timeline of our important deadlines and application forms here.

Recruitment Timeline

August 26

Applications for Envision and Envision projects open

September 3

Come check out our booth on Imagine day

September 5

Envision Info Session, 6pm at CHBE 103 (free pizza included!)

September 7

Envision Info Session, 1pm at CHBE 103 (free pizza included!)

September 11

Applications for Envision projects close

September 13-16

Interviews for Envision projects

September 16

Final decision about project members

Apply to Envision


Because Envision is a student chapter under the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), we require new applicants to either apply for AIChE student membership or renew their existing AIChE student membership for 2019 before applying for Envision membership. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and it’s FREE! Registration to be part of Envision teams is now open! You can find the links to the applications below. Please note that you must also apply for Envision if you plan on joining our projects.

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Check out an Envision Project


A new addition to the Envision project line-up, the team behind AgroBot hope to innovate the way we supply our societies with food. The secret fuel behind economic, social and physical growth, the team is always on the lookout for enthusiastic peers to help realize the revolution of agriculture that is just on the horizon. To the budding engineers and scientists joining, just don’t try to Skynet the whole process, shall we?

Click here to learn more about AgroBot!


Previously the CHBeer Brewing team, BioT continues the practice of developing an automated brewing system by merging fundamental chemical engineering principles with software development. Currently, the team is able to monitor various parameters of their brew through a web app, but they need your help to take it further. Maybe develop a phone app, or help scale the project up into UBC’s own microbrewery?

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Established in the summer of 2017, Green Joule focuses on the growth and extraction processes of algae biofuels; we wanted to combine the different uses of microalgae to maximize production, instead of purely focusing on one deliverable of the algae cell. The project hopes to recruit fellow enthusiastic parties (such yourself, reader) to help grow the scope and ambition of the team. Currently, we have our sights set on perfecting our process in the lab while looking to incorporate genetic modification into the mix in the hopes of making the biofuel yields more abundant. Who knows where you might take the team?

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UBC Chem-E-Car is a design team under the UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering Department that competes in the annual AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Regional and National Chem-E-Car Competitions. We are a top contender in our region, having placed in regional and national Chem-E-Car Competitions in the past. While currently employing electrochemical batteries on our model-size cars, biochemical batteries is a frontier that no one has mastered yet. Can you help us be the first?

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