May 3, 2017 1 min read

Printing the Future of Therapeutics in 3D, International Research Roundtable.

Printing life’s building blocks.

The University of British Columbia and the award-winning bioprinting company Aspect Biosystems successfully co-organized the first “Printing the Future of Therapeutics in 3D” International Research Roundtable.

This event showcased the reasearch and development of global leaders in tissue engineering research and pharmaceutical industry experts. It also provided a space to discuss the rapidly emerging and potentially game-changing technology of 3D-printing living human tissues (bioprinting). The discussion culminated in a panel discussion at the Telus Science World, where visitors could ask questions to the presenting panel in between presentations. The event ran smoothly thanks to the help of volunteers Roza Ghaemi, Ileana Co, Envision co-founders and directors Siang Lim and Athanasios Kritharis.

Much thanks to Dr. Christian Naus, professor from the Faculty of Cellular & Physiological Sciences and Dr. Vikram Yadav, assistant professor from the Faculty of Chmemical and Biological Engineering, for organizing the collaboration with Tamer Mohamed, Dr. Sam Wadsworth, and Natalie Korenic, CEO, CSO and business coordinator of Aspect Biosystems.

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