Oct 6, 2018 1 min read

2018 and Beyond; The Current State of BIoT

2018 Kick-Off

The BIoT team is kicking off the year strong, taking on 8 new recruits who are eager to put their skills to the test and create some kick-ass beer! Our first batch of the year was a success, we created another one of our specialty belgian blondes using Magnum, Mt. Hood, and Citra hops. After pitching the yeast we had some issues with it fully attenuating so we had to repitch it after a couple days, resulting in a cross-strained hybrid that we can’t wait to try out and bottle.

New Equipment

After waiting for what felt like forever, we were able to get our hands on a new, heavily insulated, mash tun from Ss brewtech that allowed us to sparge our worth right back into the same tank. Over the next couple months we will be upgrading our arsenal with more fermentation units, more pumps and more hoses meaning more beer! On top of that, we will be setting up a filtration system to separate the hops out more efficiently, hopefully creating a cleaner beer.

Moving Forward

After talking with LFS all summer about the possibility of collaborating on our project, we have made progress and hopefully will be using their new lab in FNH 190 for our next brew. At FNH we will have access to large-scale induction cooker that will cut down on our brew time significantly, we will also have a dedicated bench where we can keep our fermentation unit and cooling system so we will no longer have to brew in the CHBE clubroom. Looking forward to our next couple brews, our team hopes to test different parameters affecting the bitterness and carbonation levels of our beer, creating calibration curves to be used with our brewing app. Stay tuned until next time to see what the team is brewing up in the lab!


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