Aug 29, 2019 1 min read

Preparing for the upcoming year

With a collection of great ideas in mind, UBC Envision worked hard all summer in planning the upcoming academic year. The new admin team held general meetings every two weeks to ensure that everything ran smoothly and is on the right track for the fruitful year ahead.

This summer, Chem-E-car focused on generating new ideas that will improve and benefit the car; ensuring that the car performs its best during competitions. Chem-E-car also planned out sub-teams, cleaned the lab, and came up with a timeline for recruiting new members so they can jumpstart into the project without any delays when September arrives. Green Joule precultured algae and kept it in optimal conditions for whenever it is needed. Green Joule also worked on making a raspberry pi for the lightbox. This year, Green Joule wants to expand more on the technology aspect of engineering. Agrobot devoted its time to learn new technical skills about agriculture and weed management. Each sub-team of Agrobot researched specific problems, developed possible solutions, prototyped and tested materials they purchased. They also talked to field experts like UBC Farms, the Agrotech Industry and the CHBE department for more advice and support. BioT has been doing what they do best, lots is brewing… stay tuned for more information.

With a group of bright, motivated, and hardworking individuals, there is no doubt that UBC Envision will have productive and successful year ahead!


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