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2019 Recruitment

It’s that time of the year again! Recruitment for 2019-2020 is now open for all UBC students! If you’re passionate about science, innovation and technology, there’s bound to be a design team here for you. This year we are working on a range of fascinating projects: an autonomous agricultural robot, a shoe-box sized car, biofuel from algae, and beer brewing. For more details, check out the “projects” part of our website.

Why join Envision?

  • To gain experience in research, prototype and design.
  • To develop soft skills: communication, problem solving, and teamwork.
  • To combine theories learned in class with practical experiences.
  • To connect and make new friends.
  • To explore and pinpoint your field of interest.

If this intrigues you, come check us out at our booth on Imagine Day (September 3rd)! We are also holding two Info Sessions in CHBE 103 on September 5th (6 pm) and 7th (1 pm) for more details of our projects.

Click here to apply now!


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