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2018: A year in Review

Envision team

The year of 2018 has been a big year of growth and development for Envision.

During the year, we have further developed some of our projects with new branding and membership. Algae Bio-fuels has successfully rebranded to Green Joule and ChBeer has rebranded itself to BIoT, on the way to attracting even more members and gaining even more sponsorship support for this upcoming 2019. Envision has also given rise to a new technical project, Agrobot, which is comprised of former Chem-E-Car members. Though it has just started up, Agrobot is already in the recruitment stage, looking for members in and outside of Envision. As for Chem-E-Car, downsizing and team restructuring has further improved productivity within the team, which is evident in the performance of the UBC teams during the regional and national conferences.

In 2018, Envision has achieved and attended the following.

Awards Earned in 2018

AIChE Pacific Northwest Regional Conference (at Bozeman, MT)

  • 1st Place Chem-E-Car – UBC Senior (Vancruiser)
  • 3rd Place Chem-E-Car – UBC Junior (Black Box)
  • 1st Place Chem-E-Car Poster – UBC Junior (Black Box)
  • 2nd Place Chem-E-Car Poster – UBC Senior (Vancruiser)
  • 2nd Place Paper Competition – Jayg Dimayacyac

AIChE National Conference (at Pittsburgh, PA)

  • 1st Place Chem-E-Car Poster – UBC Senior (Vancruiser)


Conferences and Events Attended in 2018

In addition to the above achievements and external events, Envision introduced a few new activities to the internal organization

  • Monthly General Meetings
  • Speakers’ Series: Introduction to Python
  • Speakers’ Series: SolidWorks
  • The Envision Social

Chem-E-Car even got custom lab coats for the National Conference at Pittsburgh, which will become the new norm for the years in which UBC advances to the Chem-E-Car National Competition! Lastly, Envision has also connected with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), finding a mutual interest in Chem-E-Car and brewing projects. As a result, UBC Envision and UPC’s AIChE Chapter have officially enlisted to become Sister Chapters under AIChE, offering a means of communication and sharing of ideas between our two schools. This Sister Chapter relationship between our schools could bring a lot of cool, possibly international, opportunities to Envision and UPC. Check out the UPC AIChE Chapter.Though 2018 has been a big year of development for Envision, there is a lot more to come in 2019, so stay tuned.

Upcoming Events and Activities in 2019

  • Potential exchange program with Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)
  • Merchandise Sales (Envision T-shirts)
  • More Speakers’ Series (LabView, Problem Solving)
  • Chem-E-Jeopardy Competitions
  • Industry Night Social
  • Agrobot team launches


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